How Rolla is Building DeFi for the Masses: The Building Blocks of Tomorrow

Rolla is built to deliver streamlined, accessible, and frictionless DeFi to the masses with various groundbreaking DeFi innovations, starting with next-gen options trading.

How Rolla is Building DeFi for the Masses: 
The Building Blocks of Tomorrow

Crypto and DeFi are now more mainstream than ever-- but there are still significant barriers to entry. Most DeFi apps require web3 wallets like Metamask for sign-up, and creating wallets from seed words can be quite confusing. Beyond complex wallet setup and seed word storage, transaction fees on Ethereum have risen exponentially, making it more difficult for most people to break into crypto while also resulting in unsatisfactory user experiences.  

Rolla is built to solve these problems and deliver DeFi to the masses, starting with options trading. Streamlined, accessible, and frictionless-- driven by these principles, Rolla has developed and integrated various groundbreaking DeFi innovations to enable everyone to jump into decentralized options trading.

To achieve this goal, Rolla offers three distinct competitive advantages-- unparalleled low fees, web2 and web3 sign up methods and an exceptional referral program. Unlike other protocols, Rolla is made to be just a click away-- you don’t even need a crypto wallet to get started! Keep on reading for more information on getting started with Rolla.

Email and Google Sign Up Powered by Magic Link

Everyone has an e-mail address, but not everyone has a wallet-- and opening a wallet isn’t so easy these days for various reasons, ranging from clunky wallet downloads to confusing seed word storage. Despite mainstream interest in crypto being stronger than ever, barriers of entry are also making it more difficult for people to get involved.

Rolla is making it easier than ever for you to jump into trading and options by enabling email and Google sign up with Magic Link. With this integration, you don’t need any external wallet, simply your email. On sign up, your email generates a non-custodial wallet on Polygon that only you can access. Magic Link is also used across a wide array of DeFi apps including Uniswap, Opensea, 1inch and more. Whether you’re a total crypto beginner or veteran, our protocol is optimized to deliver the most accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly experience.

Frictionless Trading with No Fees

Fees, fees, fees. Whether it’s Ethereum charging high gas fees or traditional financial institutions charging hefty third-party fees, the world of finance has long been gatekept from many.

However, Rolla is doing it differently. First, we’re completely non-custodial-- meaning you have complete control over your on-chain identity, assets, and profits-- not us. Secondly, we’re operating on Polygon, meaning you can access all the same decentralized crypto experience found on  Ethereum while enjoying low transaction fees and lightning fast speeds. Thirdly, we’re working with Biconomy to pay for all your  gas fees on Polygon--thus whatever you earn with options, is yours. With Rolla, we’re ensuring your complete financial autonomy by developing a protocol which minimizes costs while maximizing your potential returns.

Competitive Referral System

On top of our user friendly DeFi options protocol, we’ve designed an easy to use referral system so the more people onboard, the more you earn-- for every referred user, you can earn 28% commission on their taker fees. Compared to other DeFi protocols, our maker and taker fees are among the lowest -- makers pay zero fees and takers only pay 0.50% of the option premium, capped at  0.0001% of the underlying asset. With our optimized rates in addition to our competitive referral system, we’re building the foundation for your financial autonomy and success.

Moving forward, Rolla aims to hit the ground running by achieving the following milestones during Q4:

Designed for optimal performance and user friendliness, your financial future is only one click away on Rolla-- so why not get started now? Just sign up for the waitlist, and you’re good to go!