Polygon and Rolla: Next-gen Options Trading and Beyond Delivering seamless and frictionless DeFi for everyone

Leveraging Polygon Network's lightning fast speeds, low fees, and rich ecosystem, Rolla is delivering seamless and intuitive DeFi experiences to all, starting with next level options trading

Polygon and Rolla: Next-gen Options Trading and Beyond
Delivering seamless and frictionless DeFi for everyone

DeFi and blockchain on paper represent endless potential. The transparent, and autonomous nature means users can take full control over their assets, which will completely transform not only finance, but also the current global paradigm by shifting power from platforms and institutions, to people.

But high gas fees and slow transaction speeds have created prohibitively high barriers of entry along with unsatisfactory trading experiences. Despite recent updates, the Ethereum network is far from addressing key adoption issues, namely scalability, costs, and transaction frictions.

Based on their shared vision of making blockchain and DeFi accessible to all, Polygon was the natural choice for Rolla. As an Ethereum scaling solution, Polygon utilizes a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain and Commit Chain connectivity to deliver fast speeds, low fees, and a rich ecosystem — attributes which made Polygon a perfect fit for Rolla’s vision. Leveraging Polygon’s leading edge in scaling, Rolla aims to connect people with options trading by delivering seamless integration, gas-less transactions, and lightning fast speeds.

Low Gas Fees

It’s no secret that gas fees have long slowed down the growth of DeFi. Ethereum’s high gas fees have essentially locked all but whale investors out of the ecosystem — which seems to fly in the face of DeFi’s promise, which is to empower all through decentralized and autonomous peer-to-peer interactions.

With user accessibility at its core, Rolla and Polygon are working together to deliver the promise of decentralization to all. On one hand, Polygon is compatible with the Ethereum network but with gas fees that are over 3000 times lower. With Polygon, Rolla will be able to deliver a frictionless trading experience with minimal costs and maximum output by dramatically reducing fees. With Rolla’s powerful functions and Polygon’s low fees, we’re opening the doors to DeFi options trading.

Lightning-fast Speeds

On top of gas fees, Ethereum is also infamous for its slow transaction speeds — which in combination with its high gas fees results in not only unsatisfactory, but also inefficient transaction experiences. In fact, in the time it takes to complete a simple action, asset prices might have changed already!

Polygon is also built for speed. Capable of processing 65,000 transactions per second along with a block confirmation time of less than two seconds, Polygon is bridging the gap between the on and off-line worlds. With Polygon’s transaction speeds, Rolla is optimized to deliver the best-in-class options trading experience to the DeFi ecosystem.

Robust and Rich Ecosystem

In addition to being interoperable with all Ethereum protocols, Polygon also offers a rich and thriving ecosystem of assets, developer tools and projects which will only help enrich Rolla. Liquidity has long been a roadblock for DeFi adoption — the lack of integrations and interoperability within the blockchain sector has segmented and limited the proliferation of key assets such as ETH.

However, Polygon was built from day one to be interoperable. As a Layer-two solution Polygon is compatible with Ethereum while also boasting a rich and well-developed ecosystem of its own, thus offering access to a wide array of asset types to Rolla users. Alongside Polygon, Rolla is bringing together various leading assets to deliver frictionless and seamless trading experiences to both DeFi veterans and beginners.

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